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                                                                                                             Please read disclosure below:                                                                                                            

  • $800.00 per month
    1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
    Sun filled unit close to beach and transportation!
    3030 E. 79th Street, 3C
    South Shore 60649

  • $1,400.00 per month
    3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
    Condo Quality Rental Residences
    7514 S. Essex Ave, 1
    South Shore 60649

Please Read!!!!

Automatic denials of applications are eviction records, rent judgments, or negative rental history. 


All income must be verified. Via pay stubs or section 8 supplied proof of rent payment/income.   Most owners require 2 to 3 times the monthly rent in income. We serve multiple owners with different income requirements.


IF you have a section 8 voucher this is income and will be counted as such.  In order to follow fair housing for ALL applicants market or voucher we must be able to determine rent is affordable according to your rent portion Section 8 provides.  


Professional management company, money orders or cleared checks showing payment of rent is required (Unless the unit is priced below $650 studio/1 bedroom or owner demands different)  If you have no rent history we need a co-signer and must proceed with application process. 


Yet according to FAIR HOUSING you have the RIGHT to apply regardless of owners rental criteria. *More info


NOTICE OF AGENCY:  Please we note we represent the owner of record of property we are managing.  This form must be sign upon management starts to proceed with clerical activities.


NON-AGENCY DISCLOSURE AND CONSENT (Notice to Prospective Customer of Non-Agency and Ministerial Acts) TO:_____________________________________________________________________________, Customer(s), Date _______________________ In accordance with the Illinois Real Estate License Act, a licensee shall disclose in writing to a customer that the licensee is not acting as the agent of the customer at a time intended to prevent disclosure of confidential information from the customer to the licensee, but in no event later than the preparation of a contract. This Notice represents disclosure that, unless & until otherwise agreed to in a separate agreement, the Sponsoring Broker (company name _______________________________, it’s Managing Broker, any licensees, employees, owners or other similar persons associated with the Company, are not agents of You, the Customer(s), but rather have a vendor/customer (service) relationship with the Customer(s). Unless otherwise disclosed, the licensee with whom you are working is the agent or sub-agent of another party to a contemplated transaction, and as such has certain legal obligations to the Client(s), including the duties of disclosure and acting in the best interest of the Client(s). As part of the Professional Services provided to you, we will work with you without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or any protected class as may be established from time to time by appropriate governmental authorities or other organizations to which we may belong. We are allowed only to provide ministerial acts, such as: 1. Responding to your inquiries 2. Assisting in completing business or factual information or an offer or contract to purchase, on behalf of our client (as permitted by law). 3. Promptly presenting all proposals to our clients or their representative as prescribed by law. 4. Disclose material facts known about the property. Respond accurately to questions concerning the property. We MAY NOT perform any activity,that would require a license, which is not ministerial in nature, such as: 1. Counsel with you to determine your particular real estate needs. 2. Locate and show you available properties. 3. Provide you with information and counseling concerning any matters related to the real estate transaction, including financing. 4. Suggest any price or terms, for you to offer, other than those authorized by the Client. This Notice is subject to rider(s), disclosure(s) _________________________ attached hereto and made a part of this notice by reference. If you have any questions about our role or services, please feel free to ask. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Sponsoring Broker or Broker’s Authorized Representative Customer’s Acknowledgement ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Designated Licensee performing ministerial acts Customer’s Acknowledgement




Processed searches is limited by the amount of information received by management companies and landlords that can change at any moment.